What is an HID Card?

HID prox cards are simply proximity cards branded by the HID global corporation, a worldwide leader in proximity cards and access control. Like other proximity and RFID cards, an HID card is simply an ID card which enables proximity technology in its everyday functions. HID cards, as well as other types of RFID cards and smart cards, are popular for access control, as well as other functions like public transportation and employee ID.

How do HID Cards Work?

An HID prox card utilizes radio frequencies (RFID) or a special microprocessor embedded into an ID card. The cards are encoded upon printing, which is usually done with a special encoder, ID cards with RFID antennas have small radio receivers embedded in an ID card which hold the encoded information. When held close to an access card reader, the information encoded in the card’s antenna is exchanged with the reader and authenticated.

What is an HID Card Reader?

An HID card reader, or access card reader, is used in conjunction with HID cards. The reader is generally placed near an access point and programmed to grant access when the HID card is placed near the reader. Most HID readers are durable and weatherized to withstand outdoor elements and usually support a wide range of different prox cards

Why Use HID Cards?

HID is one of the leading manufacturers of proximity cards and are one of the standards of prox access control systems. They are simple to use and are compatible with all HID proximity cards readers. PVC HID cards are easy to print on and create designs. HID security cards are commonly used for access control in office buildings, campuses, schools, and universities.

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