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Electrical Systems

we offers services in planning and design of Electrical, IT, Telecom and Lift systems in Residential, Hospitals and Healthcare facilities, Offices, Laboratories, Schools, Hotels and Industrial facilities. Our engineers assess needs and propose technical solutions to optimize operating reliability and economy. Close collaboration with our customers ensures high quality and maximum value. We have special expertise in areas such as power supply, lighting, telecom and process systems.

Fire Safety Systems

Complete Fire detection and protection systems designed as per local codes as applicable i.e. detecting various categories of fire, smoke, heat etc. and to provide systems for suppression and elimination of these risks by having required fire fighting systems like hydrant system, sprinkler system, detection and alarm system,extinguishers, gas suppression system etc,. Preparation of BOQ, Tender specifications and detailed AutoCAD Fire design drawings that are good for Construction.

Security Systems

We understand the safety concerns of the client and provide designs that address those needs from the perspective of privacy, safety, detection and monitoring.

  • Public address system
  • Access control system
  • CCTV system
  • IBMS system

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