access Control System

access control standards

An access control standards point is graded according to the type of business and risk associated with the premises being secured. An access control point grading can change according to the time. For example, during working hours the door may require only an access control card to unlock; outside of these hours the user has …

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What is an HID Card?

HID prox cards are simply proximity cards branded by the HID global corporation, a worldwide leader in proximity cards and access control. Like other proximity and RFID cards, an HID card is simply an ID card which enables proximity technology in its everyday functions. HID cards, as well as other types of RFID cards and smart cards, …

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what is a turnstile

Turnstile provide the ability to restrict passage to a single person at a time unlike a  door that, once open, many individuals can pass through. Tumstiles are often found in the main reception area of organisations Most turnstiles are designed with an area for the card reader to be installed behind the top cover. When …

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Access control System overview

Access control system as overview allow the free movement of authorized personnel while restricting unauthorized intrusion.  A device that stops you from getting from A to B unless you are authorized to do so. The device or devices could be: Mechanical, Electric or Motorized Locks. Turnstiles and Tubestiles. Mechanical and Electric Gates, Barriers. Mechanical and …

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Door Entry Phones System

Door Entry Phones System provide a method of securing a premise and allows the occupants to manually control access to the building for visitors once their identity has been checked. An Door Entry Phones System offers either audio or audio and video, the advantage of video being the operator can visually confirm the identity of …

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Wireless Door Locks

Manufactures of Wireless Door Locks produce a wide variety of locking solutions that cover all possible door construction materials and design In order for the locking mechanism to function, batteries are securely held in the lock and can offer a life of over 40,000 lock movements With these types of Wireless Door Locks systems. online …

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Access Control Biometrics

Access Control Biometrics readers are used in higher security areas where the cardholder’s own biometric information is also used to confirm they are allowed access through the door Access Control Biometrics readers are also widely used in time and attendance applications to confirm the correct member of staff is clocking in / out There are …

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Access Control Readers

The access control readers are used by a  cardholder to access an area through. usually a door, but can also be used to open barriers. turnstiles. elevators and sliding gates Readers, when used on a door. are mounted at a height of between 0.9 and 1 meters from the floor. This height is to comply …

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