wet pipe sprinkler system

  • Pipes are always filled with water. Heat from fire opens a sprinkler head.
  • Usually only one or two heads open
  • Water flows until it is shut off
  • The open sprinkler head(s) is replaced and the system is reset
  • A one-way clapper prevents water from re-entering the water supply
  • Gauges on both sides of the main valve, register pressure on the supply and system sides.
  • A retard chamber prevents sudden pressure surges which could cause a false alarm
  • There is a control valve to shut off the system, normally an O.S.& Y.
  • There is a main drain valve which drains the system for service
  • And an Inspectors Test Valve, usually at the end of the system, used to simulate flow from a single head and to measure the system response
  • Restoration of the System, Liability Issues:
    • Some occupancies have required systems for life safety, i.e., public assembly, hotels and high-rises

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