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My Engineering is platform that Empower Engineers to share, learn and explore new product. The community created for and by Engineers where WE invite you to ask, share information & ideas & help Engineers to solve their day to day problems by comments / suggestion

contactless cards

The techniques used with contactless cards for transferring energy and data are not new. They have been common knowledge for many years in radio-frequency identification (RFID) systems, which have been used for a variety of applications, such as animal implants and transponders […]

Electrified Locks

The selection of the correct electrified locks is critical . Where improper locks are used, we suffers from any of the following problems: Failure to comply with code Improper function, causing traffic queues Unsafe exiting conditions Unreliable lock operation resulting in frequent […]

fire rated doors

Doors and frames are fire rated together as an assembly, not individually as pieces. The integrity of the door assembly is critical to the success of the assembly to achieve and maintain its fire rating. Any penetrations into the door or frame […]

Door Types and Door Frames

A door can be evaluated on a number of important criteria: They must block passage They must open and close easily They should be robust against intrusion They should fit the visual aesthetics of the environment in which they are mounted The […]

Access Control System Server and Workstation

Access Control System Server store all of the system configurations and historical data, manage communications throughout the system, and serve the Workstations with real-time data and reports. Servers also control so-called “Global” system decisions or functions that span across multiple Access Control […]


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