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motherboard chipsets

the chipset is the motherboard, incorporating all the controllers on the motherboard; many technicians refer to it in this way. But in the more specific sense, the chipset is one or two specific chips. How many chips will depend on the design and the manufacturer of the board. This chipset is composed of a single …

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Troubleshooting Motherboards

Installing Motherboards

the followings are Installing Motherboards steps : Select a motherboard: Employ ESD prevention methods: Ready the case: Install the motherboard: Connect cables: Install or reinstall components Test the installation

motherboard form factors

A motherboard form factor specifies the physical dimensions of some of the components of a computer system. It pertains mainly to the motherboard but also specifies compatibility with the computer case and power supply.The form factor defines the size and layout of components on the motherboard. It also specifies the power outputs from the power …

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