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Hydraulic drive system consists of the following five components: as in hydraulic power units. It is the role of the prime mover (engine, motor or motors, etc.) of mechanical energy into fluid pressure energy, oil pressure to the hydraulic system, is the power source of the hydraulic system. The general structure of the hydraulic pump …


What is a Hydraulic Power Unit?

Hydraulic Power Units are the main driving components of hydraulic systems. Consisting mainly of a motor, a reservoir and a hydraulic pump, these units can generate a tremendous amount of power to drive most any kind of hydraulic ram. Hydraulic Power Units are based on Pascal’s law of physics, drawing their power from ratios of …

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Light units

Light is a physical phenomenon but is interpreted by psychological processes in our brain. It is, therefore, a bit more complex to measure than other physical processes. Some prerequisites have to be established in order to make objective measurements. One of these is the bandwidth of the light frequencies considered, and this is usually from …

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depth of field

When a lens is focused on an object, theoretically, the whole plane passing through the object and perpendicular to the optical axis should be in focus. Practically, objects slightly in front of and behind the object in focus will also appear sharp. This “extra” depth of sharpness is called depth of field. A wide depth …

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