what is a turnstile

Turnstile provide the ability to restrict passage to a single person at a time unlike a  door that, once open, many individuals can pass through.

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Tumstiles are often found in the main reception area of organisations

Most turnstiles are designed with an area for the card reader to be installed behind the top cover.

When considering the use of turnstiles consideration should be made to the following :

  • Customer usability
  • installation feasibility
  • Operating speeds to ensure no delays
  • The number of lanes required
  • Fire evacuation procedures
  • Height to prevent people jumping the barrier

Type of turnstiles

  • speed gate turnstile
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•A common type of turnstile is the speed gate which is often seen in reception areas and public transport. The speed gate has several barrier types but a common variety consists of two glass barriers,

  • The tripod turnstile
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The tripod turnstile has three arms that rotate as passage is granted to an individual. As the arm rotates it drops out of the individuals path. but Tripod turnstiles do not offer the physical barrier

Tripod turnstiles do not offer the physical barrier a speedgate offers as the arm can be crossed by an individual by passing over or under easily.

In a fire activation the tripod turnstiles arm that is at the top, and therefore blocking access, simply drops vertically down. Once the fire alarm is reset the turnstile arm is simply retumed to its position and locks in place.

  • The full height turnstile
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The full height provides a barrier to individuals that makes bypassing very difficult.

In a fire activation the turnstiles locking mechanism will release thereby allowing free access to any individuals. A gate maybe provided next to a full height turnstile that will also open and allow for a greater flow of individuals who could be held up by the turnstiles


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