Manual Call Point

Fire alarm detection system must be using manual and automatic devices , usually we are using smoke and heat detectors for the automatic approach and manual call point for the manual detection. in the below we are going to learn about the manual call point concepts, types , and how to design.


manual call point ( or some times know as Pull station / break glass) allow the building occupants to activate the fire alarm system manually if the discover a fire which can be pull a handle down or push a buttons or break glass . fire alarm call point is required be in red color and placed in surface ( wall ) have another color . and in case you are using another type of call point it should have another color

Types of Manual Fire Alarm Boxes

manual fire alarm boxes cam be categorized based on working principle, inside materials and using glass ,the followings are the well -known types :

  • Breakglass
    • the user should break glass or other material in order to initiate the alarm signal
  • Non-Breakglass
    • in this type no need to break glass ,which mean other action is used for example pulling a leaver or other movable part to initiate the alarm
  • Single Action
    • in single action device the user require to do only one action
  • Double Action
    • in this type the user need to do 2 action to initiate the alarm signal
  • Non-coded
    • Contains a normally open or closed switch that is housed within a distinctive enclosure.
  • Coded
    • Contains a mechanically or electrically driven motor, or an electronic pulse generator.

the most common type off manual call points are single and double action . in single action devices the user is required to do only one thing to initiate the fire alarm system .in other hand the double action need the user to do to action in order to activate the device Protective cover can be used over the manual call point to reduce the unwanted usage

Location and spacing

the fire alarm box is required to place near to each fire exit in every floor of the building

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