fire alarm system

manual pull station

The most common manual initiating device is the fire alarm box, which many people refer to as a manual pull station. A building fire alarm system uses a combination of automatic and manual initiating devices designed to signal the need for the building occupants Manual fire alarm pull station can be single or double-action devices. …

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fire alarm circuit

In fire alarm systems, components are connected with circuits. Fire alarm circuit is those that get power from the fire alarm control unit. a fire alarm circuit may be used to control a relay that switches a control circuit that is powered by the emergency control function equipment. There are four types of fire alarm …

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fire alarm notification appliance

Most notification is intended to initiate occupant evacuation and sometimes relocation. The means differ according to the situation. For example, the notification appliances used in a public school may be different than those used in a nursing home. In some situations, staff is needed to implement evacuation or relocation.Notification appliances can use audible, visible, tactile, …

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fire alarm control panel

fire alarm control panel monitor inputs and control outputs through various types of circuits.the inputs are from initiating devices. The most common output of a building fire alarm system is the activation of occupant notification appliances. The fire alarm control unit might also control relays or provide data to other systems in order to control …

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fire safety goals

the main fire safety goals is : life safety property protection mission protection environmental protection heritage protection FIRE SAFETY Goals With an aging stock of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, Hayward is a community that will likely experience more structural fires in the future.  This goal and its supporting policies are designed to protect life …

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