Location and Transportation (LT) category for Interior Design and construction

The Location and Transportation (LT) category encourage the tenants to locate there projects in urban areas that have multiple transportation choices and within dense areas . project can earn up to 18 points as shown in the below table

creditNo. of points
Development in LEED Neighborhood 18
Surrounding Density and Diverse Uses8
Access to Quality Transit7
Bicycle Facilities1
Reduced Parking Footprint2

Surrounding Density and Diverse Uses

choosing project site in high Density locations and near to divers uses places have health, climate and saving habitat benefits. for example placing the project near diverse uses will encourage the people for walking and enhance there health ,this also will reduce using fuel vehicle which reflect to the climate . thus project can earn up to 8 point in this credit .

The first option to pursue this credit is performing site surrounding density calculations . project can earn 3 or 6 point depending on the surrounding density. project team should calculate the surrounding density by draw 400m (1/4 mile ) circle around the project main entrance and check if the below are met

combined densityseparate densities (residential)separate densities (non- residential)points
square feet/ acreDU/acreFAR

Divers uses are the second option in this credit , project team should document the available diverse uses that meet the requirement in the below table and within 800m walking distance from project main entrance

CategoryUse type
Food retailSupermarket
Grocery with produce section
Community-serving retailConvenience store
Farmers market
Hardware store
Other retail
Family entertainment venue (e.g., theater, sports)
Gym, health club, exercise studio
Hair care
Laundry, dry cleaner
Restaurant, café, diner (
Civic and community facilitiesAdult or senior care
Child care
Community or recreation center
Cultural arts facility (museum, performing arts)
Education facility
Government office
Medical clinic
Place of worship
Police or fire station
Post office
Public library
Public park
Social services center
Community anchor uses Commercial office

the project will earn 2 points if eight or more places are available and only one point if it have between 4 and 7 divers uses . when project team document this option they should make sure that at least three category are there and not more than two category per each counted .

Access to Quality Transit

smeller to the above credit , Access to Quality credit encourage the owners to locate there project near the bus, streetcar, or informal transit stops ,which will help in reduce using the privet car and enhance the health of people , the project can earn up yo 7 points in this credit.

project team should submit a clear map along with aggregate trip calculations which show that project meet the below table requirements within 800m from main entrance

Weekday tripsWeekend tripsPoints
Minimum daily transit service for projects with multiple transit types (bus, streetcar, rail, or ferry)

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