automotive engineering

what is a steering column

In accordance with the German standard DIN 70 023 ‘nomenclature of vehicle components’, the steering column consists of the jacket tube (also known as the outer tube or protective sleeve), which is fixed to the body, and the steering shaft, also called the steering tube. This is only mounted in bearings at the top and …

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electric power steering system

The bypass of the hydraulic circuit and direct steering boost with the aid of an electric motor (electric power steering system ) has additional advantages in terms of weight and engine bay space compared with electro-hydraulic steering, because of the omission of all the hydraulic components. Other advantages are obtained through more variations of the …

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hydraulic power steering system

Hydraulic power steering system is still the most widely used. The method of using oil under pressure to boost the servo is sophisticated and advantageous in terms of cost, space and weight. Sensitivity to movementscaused by the road surface and hence the effect of torsional impacts and torsional vibrations passing into the steering wheel is …

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