what is cutting tools

Various kinds of cutting tools namely various kinds of saws, planes, chisels, scraper, files, and rasp adze and axe and boring tools such as brace and bits, bradawl, auger, gimlet are used in the carpentry shop. Few important types of cutting tools are described as under.


Few important types of saws

Saws are wood cutting tools having handle and a thin steel blade with small sharp teeth along the edge. They are utilized to cut wood to different sizes and shapes used for making the wooden joints that hold parts together. They can be further classified into three major types namely hand Saws (Rip, Cross-cut, Panel, Keyhole and, Pad saw), Snuff Saws (Tenon and Dovetail) and Frame Saws (Coping, Bow and Fret). Few important types of saws are shown in above Fig.


Simple plane

plane is a special tool with a cutting blade for smoothing and removing wood as shavings. It is just like a chisel fixed in a wooden or steel body. The modern plane has been developed from the chisel. They can also be classified as jack plane, smooth plane, jointer plane, trying plane, rabbit plane, circular plane and fore plane



A Chisel is a strong sharp edge cutting tool with a sharp bevel edge at one end. Its construction is composed of handle, tang, ferrule, shoulder, and blade. Chisels are generally made up of high carbon steel. They are used to shape and fit parts as required in joint making.


The scraper for wooden work is used in carpentry shop. It is used after planning to obtain a smooth surface before final glass papering. Where the grain in wood is particularly twisty so that even a finely set plane tends to tear it, a sharp scraper will be found most useful to tackle this problem. It is also used for cleaning up veneered work as its curved edges are used
for cleaning up large molding of concave section and other similar work. The scraper is held as the thumbs being positioned low down and pushed forward to curve the blade so that the center of the edge rather than the outer corners comes into contact with the surface of the wood. A sharp scraper will produce fine shavings on wooden surfaces.

Files and Rasps


Files and Rasps are of used for maintaining other wood working tools and equipment. They are made of hardened tool steel which is tempered and they should never be dropped as they are very brittle to break. They are of various types depending upon their size, shape, cuts and degree of their coarseness.

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