sprinklers & sprinkler heads

  • Sprinkler heads are the key components of the fire fighting system
    • Heads must be suitable in design, performance, application and temperature for type of property it is protecting
    •  Standard heads are marked with SSU (standard sprinkler upright) or SSP (standard sprinkler pendent) on the deflector
    • Side wall heads may be pendent, upright, or horizontal
  • The typical sprinkler head is activated by heat (temperature),
    • opens when a triggering action occurs,
    • a frangible bulb breaks (color indicates temperature setting),
    • a fusible link melts
    •  water flows when head is opened
    • water is manually shut off
    • once activated, head must be replace

Types of Sprinkler Heads

  • Upright
  • Pendant
  • Sidewall
  • Recessed heads

Frangible Bulb Head

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