single point cutting tool

There are mainly two types of single point tools namely the solid type as shownbelow and the tipped tool . The solid type single point tool may be made from high speed steel, from a cast alloy. Brazed tools are generally known as tool bits and are used in tool holders. The tipped type of tool is made from a good shank steel on which is mounted a tip of cutting tool material. Tip may be made of high speed steel or cemented carbide. In addition to this, there are long index-able insert tools and throwaway. The Insert type tool throwaway refers to the cutting tool insert which is mechanically held in the tool holder. The inserts are purchased which are ready for use. When all cutting edges are used, the insert is discarded and not re-sharpened. These tools can be further classified depending upon the operations for which they are used and the type of the shank (straight or bent shank type). Tools may be of the types planning tools, turning tools, facing tool, boring tools, parting and slotting tools etc.

Different types of carbide tips are generally used on tipped tool. In general the straight shank type tools are cheaper to manufacture as compared to bent shank type. But bent shank type can be used for turning either longitudinal or cross feed without resetting and for turning, facing and chamfering operations. Boring tools usually quite long and the crosssection is small

A single point cutting tool can be understood by its geometry.Geometry comprises mainly of nose, rake face of the tool, flank, heel and shank etc. The nose is shaped as conical with different angles. The angles are specified in a perfect sequence as American Society of Tool Manufacturer for recognizing them as under.

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