rammer meaning

Rammers are shown in above Fig. . These are required for striking the molding sand mass in the molding box to pack or compact it uniformly all around the pattern. The common forms of rammers used in ramming are hand rammer, peen rammer, floor rammer and pneumatic rammer which are briefly described as

(i) Hand rammer

It is generally made of wood or metal. It is small and one end of which carries a wedge type construction, called peen and the other end possesses a solid cylindrical shape known as butt. It is used for ramming the sand in bench molding work.

(ii) Peen rammer

It has a wedge-shaped construction formed at the bottom of a metallic rod. It is generally used in packing the molding sand in pockets and comers.

(iii) Floor rammer

It consists of a long steel bar carrying a peen at one end and a flat portion on the other. It is a heavier and larger in comparison to hand rammer. Its specific use is in floor molding for ramming the sand for larger molds. Due to its large length, the molder can operate it in standing position.

(iv) Pneumatic rammers

They save considerable time and labor and are used for making large molds.

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