project management process

The project management process begins with identification of the user requirement, project constraints, resource needs, and establishment of realistic objectives to meet the strategic goals. Many times this will be an iterative process as new information becomes available through efforts by various professionals on the project and input from third parties, communities, users,and agencies having jurisdiction.

The strategic goals that relate to capital projects are summarized in CIPs. Many times this information is in the Agency’s short range and long range transit plans. The approval of the project by the governing body will establish the project authorization. The project manager uses the project authorization to develop project management plans for implementation of the project.

The project manager must have prior experience (or should consult with peers with prior experience) with the particular project type to balance the above competing objectives in a timely manner to adequately plan the project. Lack of prior experience will increase risks of not achieving the project objectives

project management process identifies 5 Project Management Process Groups:

  • Initiating
  • Planning,
  • Executing,
  • Monitoring & Control
  • Closing

These processes are:

  • presented as discrete elements with well-defined interfaces
  • iterative
  • seldom either discrete or one-time events
  • they are overlapping activities that occur throughout the project
  • clear dependencies between groups
  • NOT Project phase

Initiating Process Group – those processes performed to define a new project or a new phase of an existing project by obtaining authorization to start the project or phase.

Planning Process Group – Those processes required to establish the scope of the project, refine the objectives, and define the course of action required to attain the objectives that the project was undertaken to achieve.

Executing Process Group – those processes performed to complete the work defined in the project management plan to satisfy the project specifications.

Monitoring and Controlling Process Group – Those processes required to track, review, and regulate the progress and performance of the project; identify any areas in which changes to the plan are required; and initiate the corresponding changes.

Closing Process Group – Those processes required to finalize all activities across all Process Groups to formally close the project or phase.

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