project management plan

The project manager has to provide the project team with aproject management plan on how to get the project done. The PMP sets out how the project is to be managed, executed, monitored, controlled, and closed through the phases of its life cycle. below Figure sets out a typical PMP outline that would apply to a construction project such as the example bus maintenance facility project.

In the PMP, the project manager sets out the management approach for the project based on the decisions made with respect to the project delivery strategy, organization and management structure, assignment of responsibilities between the Agency and contractors, and delegation of management and financial authority through the project team.

The project’s scope, budget, and schedule are refined to establish baselines for the project’s scope of work, costs, and schedule that are documented in the PMP . Scope, budget, and schedule baselines are yardsticks against which future project performance can be measured and assessed, and changes controlled. Depending on the project phase baselines are established for a project phase or the entire project baseline is established after completion of preliminary engineering. A baseline remains unchanged through the project or project phase unless a revision to the project’s goals and objectives is authorized by the Agency’s executive management responsible for the project authorization

The Pegaso project management plan (PMP) describes the project management organisation and processes, which are meant to facilitate teamwork within the consortium and assure the quality of the work carried out. The PMP proposals will ease the collaborative work of the partners, and it may therefore be considered key for the overall success of the Pegaso project. In addition, it will ensure that the consortium meets all the requirements related to the contract

The project management process includes four main deliverables to be set out before the kick off meeting and reviewed iteratively along the work process. These are: 1) the project definition and organisation, 2) the project work plan, 3) the project management processes and 4) the project management tools

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