fire safety risk assessment

the majer fire safety risk assessment steps is as following :

fire safety risk assessment

Step 1 : Hazards

  • This involves identifying the fire hazards within the premises.
  • Fires start when heat as a source of ignition comes into contact with fuel (anything that is capable of burning) and where oxygen (air) is present.
  • The assessment must consider how could a fire start and what could burn.
  • Both inside and outside areas of the premises needs to be taken into account.

Step 2 : people

  • This involves identifying the people at risk who are in and around the premises.
  • Special attention needs to be paid to those who are especially at risk.
  • List all persons potentially at risk from fire, including employees, tenants, visitors and contractors.

Step 3 : evaluate

  • This involves the evaluation of the level of risk in the premises and the removal or reduction of any hazards that have been identified.
  • Certain smaller premises may be able to satisfy all the requirements of step 3 with little difficulty.

Step 4 : record

  • This step involves the recording process together with planning, instruction information and training.
  • The dangers and people previously identified need to be recorded as to the risk imposed.

Step 5 : review

  • This step must cover the policy as to how the fire risk assessment will be regularly reviewed Changes to the policy need to be made where changes are necessary.
  • The fire risk must be re-examined if there is a change in the level of risk.

In keeping with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order it is necessary that the subject premises must have as a minimum as per fire safety risk assessment :

A means of detecting and warning of fireThis is typically a fire detection and alarm system

A means of escape from fire This involves facilities such as fire escapes and emergency lighting etc.

The equipment for the fighting of fire This typically involves a requirement for appropriate fire extinguishers

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