The 10/100BaseT (and 1000BaseT) Ethernet topology is an active star, rather than the Tapped Bus topology of 10Base5 and 10Base2 . The operation of 100BaseT is identical to 10BaseT. This star topology is quite compatible with the standard home-run method of commercial telephone-style wiring. Although the use of existing telephone wiring was originally the goal …

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twisted pair ethernet

The introduction of twisted-pair wiring into standard Ethernet networking ushered in a new age of network connectivity. For some time, frustrated users had been experimenting with thinnet-to-twisted-pair baluns in order to use existing telephone wire for network links. Several manufacturers even introduced proprietary network adapters and hubs for twisted-pair Ethernet. Eventually, a standard was fashioned, …

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token ring network

In token ring network Topology, all the nodes are connected to each-other in such a way that they make a closed loop. Each workstation is connected to two other components on either side, and it communicates with these two adjacent neighbors. Data travels around the network, in one direction. Sending and receiving of data takes …

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