bms benefits

in simple word BMS benefits are To achieve, safe and comfortable environment, energy saving and efficient operation at reduced time and cost.

however the main BMS benefits are the followings :

1.Reduce energy cost (Power Consumption and Electricity bill)  through centralized management of control and energy management programs .

2.Provide comfortable environment for Customers  ( Tenants, Visitors, Employees and operators).

bms benefits

3.Simplify the daily functions of the operation team with effective monitoring and controlling different buildings systems .

4.Made Faster and better responsiveness to occupant needs and trouble conditions.

5.Better management of the facility through historical records, maintenance management programs, and automatic alarm reporting.

6.Provide cost maintenance analyzes and helps the operator in funding allocation and budgeting process.

7.Allow buildings systems to integrate with other smart solutions such as CCTV , Fire alarm Access control , telecom and others to make the digital transformation.

8.Reduce new operator training time through on-screen instructions and supporting graphic displays.

9.In spite of a lot of system’s benefits and features, the total cost will not exceed 2% of the total cost of the building.

The advantages of a BMS versus stand alone control

  • Reduced installation costs
  • Flexibility and ease of change
  • Customised control strategies
  • Scalability
  • Operator interaction, feedback and control
  • Integration with other building services
  • Real time monitoring of tenant conditions
  • Greater load based control strategies
  • Trend data of performance, improved fault finding
  • Air quality management (CO2)
  • After hours operational requests, tenant billing
  • Alarm notifications of faults reduce downtime
  • Automated change over of failed equipment

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