What is BMS ?

what is BMS answer is A micro-processor based system which centralizes and simplifies controlling ,monitoring ,operation and management of heating, air-conditioning, ventilation & other building services to achieve »Safe and comfortable working environment and Energy Saving & efficient operation at reduced Time & Cost.

Components of BMS

  • Centralized Work Station Computer
    • With powerful user-friendly software.
    • Used for everyday building operation.
  • DDC Controllers
    • Micro-processor based
    • Fully programmable
    • Controls the HVAC equipment of the building
  • Field devices
    • Temperature, Humidity, Pressure sensors
    • Valves, Actuators

BMS Features

  • Man / Machine Interface
  • interact with the connected technical building equipment.
  • user friendly for operators,engineers and building managers
  • User-friendly data presentation
  • Alarm Management
  • guiding the operator to take appropriate action through audible and visual indications and Email, SMS.
  • alarm summary in Time, date, priority and description
  • Time Scheduling
  • time-based start/stop of the equipment
  • saves energy cost and efficient operation
  • effective for lighting, occupancy control
  • Event recording
  • Remote connectivity
  • provide remote access to the system with full functionality through local area network and internet via web browser

A well-planned control system offers improved management of building ervices and can form the core of an integrated facilities management other building-related services such as access control, system, covering security,
energy monitoring and targeting, information technology and maintenance.
The amount of direct involvement by staff in the day-to-day running of an HVAC system has steadily reduced over recent years. However, it would be a mistake to assume that the control system can be left to take care of itself from the moment of handover.

The client must choose from a range of options, from running the building services in-house with the client organisation’s own staff, to outsourcing to a service bureau who may supervise efficient operation, deal with occupant requests and organise maintenance, all from a remote supervisor.

Whichever form of organisation is chosen, there should be clear ownership of the control system with unambiguous responsibility for its successful operation.


  • Honeywell presentation

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