what is a globe valve

Globe valves consist of a solid disc mounted within the valve body, which is connected to the internal end of the valve stem. A handwheel actuator is connected to the external end of the valve stem for manual operation. When the valve stem is turned completely in the counterclockwise direction, the disc is raised to the open position. When the valve stem is turned completely in clockwise direction, the disc is lowered to the closed position. Globe valves, which are intended to be used for throttling,
can also provide bubble-tight shutoff when equipped with resilient seating. Globe valves are normally installed with the flow and higher pressure under the disc. Therefore, care must be taken during installation to ensure they are installed with the flow in the proper direction.
Globe valves are available in either a straight-through or angled body configuration . In the angled configuration, the flow exits the valve perpendicular to the direction that it enters the valve.
Globe valves have a higher fluid pressure drop than gate valves because the disc is always in the fluid stream.

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