video manager

Video manager software mainly includes web-based software and central management software. Webbased software is built in the camera, allowing users to perform basic functions such as recording, monitoring and configurations. Relatively, central management software offers more powerful functions such as playback, remote monitoring in multiple monitors etc., to achieve efficient, flexible video management.


Users can view live video images in Video manager with a web browser such as Internet Explorer, on a mobile device or via software

video manager


Recording can be performed in different modes such as continuous, on schedule or on event trigger according to their needs. On-schedule or event-triggered recording is highly needed because the storage requirements will be reduced; so is the bandwidth.


Recorded video images can be viewed in multiple split windows and by several users at the same time. The recorded database can also be searched in a more efficient way such as by date, time, region or event.

Bring video out of the control room for increased operational efficiencies: DVM doesn’t restrict use of the video system to control room operators or
security teams. Controlled access to stakeholders and key decision makers across the organization—including maintenance, operations, safety and
even senior management teams—enhances collaboration and leverages your investment in video management system.

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