types of storage equipments

When implementing a storeroom, it is important to understand the storage techniques and types of equipment available to organize and bin properly

  1. Bulk storage: Pallets are stored on the floor in specified areas. These parts do not need or involve storage equipment. These parts are stored in lines, with each line being 48″ wide, and then 12″ separation from the next set of lines. This enables a person to walk down the aisles of bulk material, to count the material, pick it, or check the material for quality.
  2. Demand flow racks: Material is stored so that the oldest material gravitates to the front on roller. New material is binned from the back so that the rotation of stock occurs.
  3. Pallet racks: These are normally used for bulk material when cubic feet are important. The racks allow a better utilization of space since it can go up. It is cheaper to go up than build out.
  4. Vidmar storage cabinets: Used for a variety of smaller stock. Some of these include fasteners, computer parts, tools, rubber products, and products where dust needs to be minimized.
  5. Cantilever racks: Used for steel tubing, long shafts, springs, axles, and other long parts.
  6. Drive in/drive through: Parts are stored in a manner in which the fork truck enters from the rear and pulls from the front. It is most efficient in a finished goods warehouse so that older material is picked first for the shipment outbound.
  7. Flow-through rack: A flow-through rack utilizes the higher cubing allowed by the pallet rack and incorporates demand flow technology to rotate material. It is loaded from the rear and removed from the front
  8. Sliding rack/shelving: The shelves can be moved on the floor to consolidate floor space. When picking the bins are moved apart and when stored moved together. This is a space saving method of cubic feet.
  9. Shelving: Metal shelving is a must for the bin rooms. This shelving is easy to install and can be adjusted to any height easily.
  10. Rotating shelving: It is just like a lazy susan concept with parts that can rotate to the part that is to be picked.
  11. Rack entry module system (REM): It is a method used to assist in rotating material more effectively. Racks are movable and on a track.

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