retail lighting solutions

Attracting the attention of customers in a shopping centre with so many other distractions and competing stores can be very difficult, but a well thought-out lighting system can be a successful tool to help achieve this.
The right lighting sets the right mood and incites the willingness to buy. Typically, retail chains have to adhere to a very strict corporately recognisable retail lighting solutions.

retail lighting solutions

LED retail lighting solutions provides many possibilities to achieve fantastic lighting effects, not only for the eye but also to create the desired ambience and well-being.

It is important that staff benefit from good visual conditions without glare. Unfortunately, too many shops equate lighting quality with lighting quantity resulting in over-lighting and far from optimal conditions. Shop
lighting should be differentiated and guide customers through the shop with points that encourage them to stop and look.

Window display lighting can help attract customers and support the profile and image of the shop. Colour tunable LED lamps make it possible to vary the appearance of items on display. Programmed colour shifts over time can be a part of the display.

The lighting in the entrance area should be of optimal brightness to attract attention and provide a smooth transition zone between the daylight and
the indoor lighting.

it is recommended to divide the store into zones with different needs for lighting: check-out counter, entrance, exhibition, low podiums, high shelving, traffic, dressing rooms etc.

Since the eye is attracted to and adjusts its sensitivity to the brightest parts in the field of vision it may be desirable to create peak brightness on the important items for sale, medium light on the “ordinary goods” and less, but sufficient lighting in the traffic area.

Accent lighting by well-placed spots is another useful design tool which can highlight shapes, colours and texture. This creates life in the shop.

Very large contrasts in illuminance and luminance shall be avoided as this can be inconvenient and tiring for the staff.

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