Manufacturing Engineering

hot chamber die casting

Hot chamber die-casting machine is the oldest of die-casting machines which is simplest to operate. It can produce about 60 or more castings of up to 20 kg each per hour and several hundred castings per hour for single impression castings weighing a few grams. The melting unit of setup comprises of an integral part …

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pressure die casting

Unlike permanent mold or gravity die casting, molten metal is forced into metallic mold or die under pressure in pressure die casting. The pressure is generally created by compressed air or hydraulically means. The pressure varies from 70 to 5000 kg/cm2 and is maintained while the casting solidifies. The application of high pressure is associated …

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slush casting

Slush casting is an extension of permanent mold casting or metallic mold casting. It is used widely for production of hollow casting without the use of core. The process is similar to metallic mold casting only with the difference that mold is allowed to open at an early stage (only when a predetermined amount of …

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rammer meaning

Rammers are shown in above Fig. . These are required for striking the molding sand mass in the molding box to pack or compact it uniformly all around the pattern. The common forms of rammers used in ramming are hand rammer, peen rammer, floor rammer and pneumatic rammer which are briefly described as (i) Hand …

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common wood joints

All wooden objects whether doors, windows, furniture, pattern, core boxes, handicrafts, toys, cots, etc., are all assembled with joints. The various common used wood working joints are given below

types of chisel

Chisel is a strong sharp edge cutting tool with a sharp bevel edge at one end. Its construction is composed of handle, tang, ferrule, shoulder, and blade. Chisels are generally made up of high carbon steel. They are used to shape and fit parts as required in joint making. A gouge is a curved chisel. …

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what is a jack plane

Jack plane is most commonly used plane which comprises of its body about 40 cm long, blade 5-6 cm wide and handle. It is good for rough surfaces that require a heavier chip. It is ideal for obtaining a smooth and flat surface. There are actually forty-six different parts of jack plane, the carpenter needs …

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what is cutting tools

Various kinds of cutting tools namely various kinds of saws, planes, chisels, scraper, files, and rasp adze and axe and boring tools such as brace and bits, bradawl, auger, gimlet are used in the carpentry shop. Few important types of cutting tools are described as under. Saws Saws are wood cutting tools having handle and …

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characteristics of good timber

Timber is free from knots, insects attack, excessive moisture, discoloration, twisted fibers, cup and ring shake, sound, bright and free from any discoloration. It is solid with annual rings but not hallow in the center. Timber should be well seasoned for easily workable specific use.It should possess straight fibers and high fire resistance. It should …

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defects in timber

Defects in timber may be broadly classified into three major categories : Defects Due to Abnormal Growth of Trees Defects due to abnormal growth of trees are natural in nature and they are knots, stakes, twisted fiber and rind galls. Knots are too much frequent in many trees. They break the continuity of fiber and …

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