types of structures

A structure is classified according to its function and the type of elements used to make up the structure. Typical TYPES OF STRUCTURES and their corresponding functions are listed in Table


TYPES OF STRUCTURES can also be classified by their Design :

Solid Structures

Can be made by, piling up or forming similar materials into a particular shape or design.

  • Mountains, coral reefs are natural mass structures
  • Sand castles, dams and brick walls are manufactured mass structures)
    Advantages: held in place by its own weight, losing small parts often has little effect on the overall strength of the structure
  • solid structures are not always completely solid, but are layered and have hollowed out areas for specific function

Frame Structures

Have a skeleton of strong materials, which is then filled and covered with other materials,
supporting the overall structure. Most of the inside part of the structure is empty space.

  • Load-Bearing Walls: these are the walls that support the load of the the building.
  • Partition Walls: these are the walls that divide up the space inside the building.
  • because they are relatively easy to design and build, and inexpensive to manufacture, the frame structure is the most common construction choice.All frames, whether simple or complex must overcome similar problems. To solve these problems joints, type of material, bracing, anchoring and design all must be considered in the overall structural frame construction.

Shell Structures

Structures, which keep their shape and support loads, even without a frame, or solid mass
material inside, are called shell structures. These structures use a thin, carefully shaped, outer
layer of material, to provide their strength and rigidity. The shape of a shell structure spreads
forces throughout the whole structure, which means every part of the structure supports only a
small part of the load, giving it its strength.

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