Aviation engineering

aircraft fuselage

The aircraft fuselage, from the French word “fuselé” meaning “spindle shaped”, is the portion of the airplane used to literally join, or fuse, the other parts together. It is commonly thought of as the body of the aircraft and holds the passengers and cargo safely inside. Conventional aircraft usually consist of fuselage, wings and tailplane. The fuselage …

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aircraft engine

An aircraft has at least one, or as many as eight engines, which provide the thrust needed to fly. There are many different makes and models on aircraft today but all perform the same basic function of taking the air that’s in front of the aircraft, accelerating it and pushing out behind the aircraft. Jet …

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airplane parts

the following are main airplane parts : Aileron The ailerons are located at the rear of the wing, typically one on each side. They work opposite to each other, meaning that when one is raised, the other is lowered. Their job is to increase the lift on one wing while reducing the lift on the …

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