structural Engineering

temporary retaining walls

Temporary retaining walls are often used during construction, such as for the support of the sides of an excavation that is made below-grade in order to construct the building foundation. If the temporary retaining wall has the ability to develop the active wedge, then the basic active earth pressure principles described in the previous sections …

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aluminum alloy designations

The aluminum alloy designations may be classified: (1) as cast and wrought, and (2) as heat-treatable and non-heat-treatable. Wrought alloys can be worked mechanically by such processes as rolling, extruding, drawing, or forging. Alloys are heat-treatable if the dissolved constituents are less soluble in the solid state at ordinary temperatures than at elevated temperatures, thereby …

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what is polymer concrete

Plastics with long-chain molecules, called polymer concrete , are used in several ways to enhance concrete properties: replacement of portland cement, incorporation in a mix as an admixture, and impregnating hardened concrete. Polymer concretes, such as methyl methacrylate and unsaturated polyester, in which a polymer replaces portland cement may have more than double the strength …

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