beam and block floor detail

Beam and block flooring is the standard alternative to floating ground floors within domestic-scale construction , and may also be used for upper storeys. Systems are described in BS EN 15037. Beams may be inverted T or I in form, or alternatively incorporate partially exposed lattice girder reinforcement to be incorporated within a concrete topping (BS EN 15037 Part 1: 2008).

Beam and block flooring

The infill may be concrete blocks (BS EN 15037 Part 2: 2009), clay blocks (BS EN 15037 Part 3:2009) or lightweight blocks of wood, plastic, GRP, metal, cardboard or polymer concrete (BS EN 15037 Part 5: 2013). Systems are overlaid with a structural floor top ping incorporating the additional insulation required to achieve the appropriate U-value, typically 0.13 W/m2K.

BS EN 15037 Part 4: 2010 describes the use of cut or moulded expanded polystyrene blocks which may incorporate a tongue to give insulation under the concrete beams. A concrete structural topping, rein forced with steel mesh or polypropylene fibres, forms the floor finish. Typical U-values range from 0.20 to 0.07 W/m2 K.

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