Wireless Door Locks

Manufactures of Wireless Door Locks produce a wide variety of locking solutions that cover all possible door construction materials and design

In order for the locking mechanism to function, batteries are securely held in the lock and can offer a life of over 40,000 lock movements

With these types of Wireless Door Locks systems. online wall mounted readers are used that are physically connected to the access control software via the Ethernet network. These readers are usually installed at the first place a user will enter a building e.g. the front door

The online reader enables the system to program authorization updates to the cards that are for that user, as well as other users that might have lost their cards. obtain log information that has been written to the card by locks during its normal use and receive battery information from locks that have written their status again to the card.

There is no doubt the offline locking solutions offer  many advantages such as, no installation of  cabling to each door being required thereby reducing costs.

A disadvantage to this type of system is that no data transfer is achieved in real time as it relies on cardholders carrying updates on their cards. This is only visible on the PC after an on line reader is used

To this end, manufactures of these systems have created a wireless solution within the lock itself that enables them to be online. Within a building a wireless mesh is created that the locks communicate with, and report back into the access control software

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