what is vandalism

Vandalism is a continuing social problem which defies complete resolution, although as for unauthorised entry the design of a building can greatly lessen the likelihood of its occurrence. A building and the adjoining spaces need to provide a means of positive identity to owners and normal
users as well as the community in general.

The problem ranges from graffiti on accessible surface finishes to physical damage of a building fabric involving defacement, breakage, or complete destruction by demolition or fire. Graffiti can be avoided if not eliminated by the judicious selection of surface finishes; but physical damage
is a serious problem which may result in a building employing fortress-like construction methods. Everything must be robust and secure from attack where wilful damage is likely to occur, so the building’s appearance and other performance requirements may suffer. The ordinary use
of materials will have to be avoided: glazed areas should be of limited size and reinforced; doors of solid construction; walls of dense robust materials which are not easily ignitable, etc. Under certain conditions, suitably selected materials may require further protection by barriers or screens. Accidental damage can also be avoided by these devices.

To some extent the effects of vandalism can be lessened by a building owner through a design which
provides conspicuous observation points, allows damage to be promptly repaired, and litter to be minimised and efficiently cleared.

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