what is a jack plane

Jack plane

Jack plane is most commonly used plane which comprises of its body about 40 cm long, blade 5-6 cm wide and handle. It is good for rough surfaces that require a heavier chip. It is ideal for obtaining a smooth and flat surface. There are actually forty-six different parts of jack plane, the carpenter needs only acquainted with the working or regulating parts. The main working parts are the cutting blade or plane iron. The adjusting nut is operated to raise or lower the blade and the adjusting lever which regulates the blade so as to make possible an even or slanted cut. The cutting blade of the jack plane is guarded with a metal cap which is adjusted on top of the blade to within about 2.4 mm of the cutting edge. The metal cap of the jack plane eases the cutting action by curling and breaking off the wood shavings evenly, thus preventing splitting or splintering of the wooden part.

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