vehicle classification

Automobiles or vehicles can be classified on different bases as given below :

On the Basis of Load :

(a) Heavy transport vehicle (HTV) or heavy motor vehicle (HMV), e.g. trucks, buses, etc.
(b) Light transport vehicle (LTV) e.g. pickup, station wagon, etc.
(c) Light motor vehicle (LMV), e.g. cars, jeeps, etc.

On the Basis of Wheels :

(a) Two wheeler vehicle, for example : Scooter, motorcycle, scooty, etc.
(b) Three wheeler vehicle, for example : Auto rickshaw, three wheeler scooter and tempo, etc.
(c) Four wheeler vehicle, for example : Car, jeep, trucks, buses, etc.
(d) Six wheeler vehicle, for example : Big trucks with two gear axles each having four wheels.

On the Basis of Fuel Used

(a) Petrol vehicle,e.g. motorcycle, scooter, cars, etc.
(b) Diesel vehicle e.g. trucks, buses, etc.
(c) Electric vehicle , e.g. battery drive
(d) Steam vehicle, e.g. an engine which uses steam.
(e) Gas vehicle, e.g. LPG and CNG vehicles, where LPG is liquefied petroleum gas and CNG is compressed natural gas.

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