Types of RAM

Let’s start by discussing the two main categories of RAM. Afterward, we’ll move on to the types of RAM sticks that a technician might install in
a computer.


SRAM is RAM that does not need to be periodically refreshed. Memory refreshing is common to other types of RAM and is basically the act of
reading information from a specific area of memory and immediately rewriting that information back to the same area without modifying it. Due to SRAM’s architecture, it does not require this refresh. You can find SRAM used as cache memory for CPUs, as buffers on the motherboard or within hard drives, and as temporary storage for LCD screens. Normally, SRAM is soldered directly to a printed circuit board (PCB) or integrated directly to a chip. This means that you probably won’t be replacing SRAM. SRAM is faster than—and is usually found in smaller quantities
than—its distant cousin, DRAM.

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