types of hammer and their uses

below figure shows the various types of hammers used in sheet metal work for forming
shapes. The uses of different kind of hammers are given as under:

  • Smoothing hammer. Smoothing hammer (Fig.a) is used for leveling and smoothing a sheet metal joint.
  • Stretching hammer. Stretching hammer (Fig.b) is used for stretching sheet.
  • Creasing hammer. Creasing hammer (Fig.c) is used to close down joint edges of sheets metal part.
  • Hollowing hammer. Hollowing hammer (Fig.d) is used for hollowing sheet metal part. It is used for generating sharp radii also.
  • Riveting hammer. Riveting hammer (Fig. e) is used for forming riveted heads.
  • Planishing hammer. Planishing hammer (Fig. f) is used for removing small marks or indentations from the sheet metal job surface and to true the shape of the work. It smoothens off the finished sheet metal work.
  • Soft hammer or Mallets. Mallets (Fig. g) used during working with soft metal sheets. They may be of wood, rubber or raw hide. A mallet strikes a blow with the minimum damage to the surface. In sheet metal work, the commonly used mallets are bossing mallet, tinman’s mallet (Fig.h) and rawhide mallet (Fig. i).The uses of hammers for some sheet metal operations are depicted through Fig.

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