thermostatic radiator valve

Thermostatic radiator valves are typically used for regulating the medium flow to the radiators of heating systems.

When combined to a thermostatic or thermo-electric control head, they keep the ambient temperature of the room where they are installed constant
at the set value. This prevents unwanted temperature rises and achieves considerable energy savings.

thermostatic radiator valve

These valves have a special tailpiece with rubber hydraulic seal, permitting quick, safe connection to the radiator without the use of additional sealing materials.

The thermostatic valve control head is a proportional temperature regulator, consisting of bellows containing liquid.

When the ambient temperature increases, this causes an expansion in volume in the bellows, which, in turn, dilate. When the temperature falls, the reverse takes place: the bellows contract due to the effect of the thrust generated by the return spring. The axial movement of the sensitive element is trasmitted to the valve obturator through the connecting spindle, thus regulating the flow of liquid to the heat emitter.

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