slotting machine parts

A slotter machine consists of these following parts:

  • Base.
  • Column.
  • Saddle.
  • Cross-slide.
  • Rotating or Circular table.
  • Ram and tool head.
  • Ram drive.
  • Feed drive.

Bed or case: Bed or case is made up of cast iron. It supports column, tables, ram, driving mechanism, etc. the top of the bed carries horizontal ways which the worktable can transverse.

Cross-slide: Cross-slide can be moved parallel to the face of the column. The circular worktable is mounted on the top of the cross-slide.

Hand wheels: Hand wheels are provided for rotating the table for the longitudinal and cross traverse.

Column is the vertical member: They are made up of cast iron and it houses the driving mechanism. The vertical front face of the column is accurately finished for providing ways along which the ram moves up and down

Ram: Ram is provided to reciprocate to and fro motion. At the bottom of the ram, it carries the cutting tool. It is more massive and moves vertically, at a right angle to the worktable, instead of having the horizontal motion of a shaper.

Table: Table holds the workpiece and is adjustable in longitudinal and crosswise direction. The table can be rotated about its center.

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