Simple Carburetor

Carburetors are highly complex. Let us first understand the working principle bf a simple or elementary carburetor that provides an air fuel mixture for cruising or normal range at a single speed. Later, other mechanisms to provide for the various special requirements like starting, idling,
variable load and speed operation and acceleration will be included.

The simple carburetor mainly consists of a float chamber, fuel discharge nozzle and a metering orifice, a venturi, a throttle valve and a choke. The float and a needle valve system maintain a constant level of gasoline in the float chamber. If the amount of fuel in the float chamber falls below the designed level, the float goes down, thereby opening the fuel supply valve and admitting fuel. When the designed level has been reached, the float closes the fuel supply valve thus stopping additional fuel flow from the supply system. Float chamber is vented either to the atmosphere or to the” upstream side of the venturi.During suction stroke air is drawn through the venturi.

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