runway touchdown zone markings

Runway touchdown zone markings are white and consist of groups
of one, two, and three rectangular bars symmetrically arranged in
pairs about the runway centerline. These markings begin 500 ft from
the runway threshold. The bars are 75 ft long, 6 ft wide, with 5 ft
spaces between the bars, and are longitudinally spaced at distances
of 500 ft along the runway. The inner stripes are placed 36 ft on either
side of the runway centerline. For runways less than 150 ft in width,
the width and spacing of stripes may be proportionally reduced.
Where touchdown zone markings are installed on both runway ends
on shorter runways, those pairs of markings which would extend to
within 900 ft of the runway midpoint are eliminated. In addition, sets
of touchdown zone markings are eliminated for shorter runways, as
specified in below Table .

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