runway threshold markings

Runway threshold markings identify to the pilot the beginning of the runway that is safe and available for landing. Runway threshold markings begin 20 ft from the runway threshold itself.

Runway threshold markings consist of two series of white stripes, each stripe 150 ft in length and 5.75 ft in width, separated about the centerline of the runway. On each side of the runway centerline, a number of threshold marking stripes are placed, in accordance with the width of the runway, as specified in Table 8-3. Table 8-3 specifies the total number of runway threshold stripes required. For example, for a 100-ft runway, eight stripes are required, in two groups of four are placed about the centerline. Stripes within each set are separated by 5.75 ft. Each set of stripes is separated by 11.5 ft about the runway centerline.

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