permanent repair

Unlike emergency or temporary repairs, permanent repairs are made to predetermined and readily recognizable defective areas. Proper preparation of the repair area is vitally important to the longterm effectiveness of the completed repair. As a minimum,

  1. Remove surfacing (aggregate, ballast, coatings, and so on) down to the bare membrane. On
    mineral-surfaced roofs, lightly scrape the surface to remove unembedded granules.
  2. Brush away all loose materials, dust, dirt, and debris.
  3. Cut out all deteriorated membrane. On built-up, modified, and fully adhered single-ply roofs, also cut away all loose or unbonded membrane. Do not remove any more roofing than necessary to make the repair, and try to keep cuts straight and neat.
  4. Sweep the repair area clean.
  5. Coat the repair area with appropriate primer or clean with the appropriate solvent, including metal and masonry surfaces, as applicable with the specific membrane product, and allow to dry.

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