overview of fire Alarm system

in this post we will discuss overview of fire Alarm system and its competent

A building fire alarm system uses a combination of automatic and manual initiating devices designed to signal the need for the building occupants to evacuate or relocate in the event of a fire or other emergency, report the event to an off-premises location in order to summon emergency services, and to prepare the building and associated systems to control the spread of fire. The basic configuration of this type of system is as follows:

  • Initiating devices provide an input to the fire alarm control unit and are either manually actuated, such as with a manual fire alarm box, also called a pull station, or automatically actuated, such as with a smoke detector.
  • The control unit, or “panel“ is the hub of the system. It receives information from environmental sensors designed to detect changes associated with smoke or fire, monitors them, and provides for automatic control of equipment, and the transmission of information necessary to prepare the structure for fire based on a predetermined sequence. The panel supplies electrical energy to operate any associated initiating device, control relay, notification appliance, or transmitter.
  • Notification appliances (such as a flashing light, strobe light, siren, horn, speaker, or a combination of these) use energy supplied from the fire alarm system to inform the occupants of the need to respond in some way, usually to evacuate the structure

In order to reliably operate, the control unit needs power. In most cases, the system will have two sources of power: The primary power supply is the 120 or 240 Volt alternating current source from a commercial power utility. For a protected premises fire alarm system, a branch circuit is dedicated solely to the fire alarm system

The secondary, or “backup“ power supply provides energy if the primary power source fails. It usually consists of sealed lead-acid storage batteries or other emergency sources, such as generators.

this is overview of fire Alarm system and its component

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