NEC Organization

The NEC is divided into an  introduction and nine chapters.

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Chapter 1: General includes :

  • definitions of terms used throughout the Code
  • the general conditions that apply to all installations.

Chapter 2 : Wiring and Protection covers the general requirements for :

  • branch circuits
  • feeders
  • services
  • load calculations
  • overcurrent protection
  • grounding and bonding of equipment and systems.

Chapter 3 : Wiring Methods and Materials covers

  • wiring methods
  • the methods for installing conductors
  • the conductors

Chapter4 : Equipment for General Use covers equipment

  • flexible cords
  • switches
  • receptacles
  • panelboards and switchboards
  • luminaires
  • appliances
  • motors
  • air conditioning and heating equipment
  • transformers
  • generators
  • phase converters

Chapter5 :Special Occupancies

  • installations in hospitals
  • the significant restrictions on wiring methods for use in hazardous.
  • mobile homes.
  • recreational vehicle parks
  • marinas.

Chapter 6: Special Equipment provides special rules

  • signs
  • luminaires
  • welders
  • swimming pools
  • computer rooms
  • X-ray equipment
  • industrial machinery
  • fire pumps
  • solar photovoltaic systems.

Chapter7 : Special Conditions Covers :

  • emergency and other types of standby systems
  • energy storage and stand- alone systems.
  • fire alarm systems.

Chapter8 : Communications Systems

stands apart from the rest of the NEC and can be used alone except in those cases where it is a requirement of Chapter 8 that some other part of the NEC be applied.

Chapter 9 :Tables

includes reference tables that contain information that can be used to satisfy requirements throughout  the NEC.

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