motor troubleshooting

The following troubleshooting flowcharts should provide logical, step-by-step methods for determining solutions to motor problems. They should be used as a guideline by qualified competent personnel.

Troubleshooting ac Motors

A. Motor won’t start or accelerates too slowly.
B. Motor runs noisy.
C. Motor overheats.
D. Motor bearings run hot or noisy.

Troubleshooting dc Motors

E. Motor won’t start.
F. Motor starts but stops and reverses direction.
G. Motor runs but overload protective device trips too often.
H. Motor overheats.
I. Motor runs too slowly.
J. Motor runs too fast.
K. Motor runs noisy.
L. Motor bearings run hot or noisy.
M. Brushes sparking excessively; may be accompanied by brush chatter and/or excessive wear and

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