Electricity and magnetism are inseparable. To understand electricity means to understand the relationship that exists between magnetism and electricity.
Electric current always produces some form of magnetism, and magnetism is the most common method for generating electricity. In addition, electricity behaves in specific ways under the influence of magnetism.


The word magnet is derived from magnetite, the name of a mineral found in Magnesia, a part of Asia Minor. This mineral is a natural magnet. Another type of magnet is the artificial magnet. This magnet is created by rubbing a piece of soft iron with a piece of magnetite. A third type of magnet is the electromagnet created by current flowing through a coil of wire.

Magnets come in various shapes . Among the more common shapes are the horseshoe, the bar or rectangle, and the ring.

Magnets that retain their magnetic properties are called permanent magnets. Magnets that retain only a small portion of their magnetic properties are called temporary magnets.

Magnets are made of metallic or ceramic materials. Alnico (aluminum, nickel, and cobalt) and Cunife (copper [Cu], nickel, and Iron [Fe]) are two metallic alloys used for magnets.


Magnetic induction


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