Air tools, especially those that use air motors, will benefit from proper lubrication. This is an area of compressed air that is usually neglected, although it is responsible for causing millions of dollars of damage to air tools every year. If an air tool is lubricated properly, it will last a lifetime. On the flip side, if the lubrication of an air tool is neglected, the tool will have a particularly short life. Most manufacturers of pneumatic equipment provide lubrication recommendations with their products. Pneumatic devices will provide exceptional performance by closely following these recommendations. Figure shows a typical in-line lubricator. These units generally have a reservoir, sight glass, filler cap, and flow control. They can be permanently placed at air ports and any tool that is connected to the port will receive proper lubrication. It should be noted that if there are applications that require oil-free air, a second non-oiled port should be provided. Similarly, hoses that are used for oiled applications should not be used with non-oiled applications.

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