hi tech systems

Hi-Tech systems include all electronic systems. Typically these include Alarm/Access Control Systems, Video Systems, Communications Systems, Integrated Security Systems, Specialized Detection Systems, and Computerized Systems.

Hi-Tech systems serve to automate repetitive functions, monitor continuously without error, and report to and facilitate communication and coordinated response by security staff.

Increasingly, Hi-Tech systems are used to handle vast amounts of information that could never be handled cost-effectively by humans. Examples of these include intelligent video analytics that analyze a video scene evaluating human activity for unwanted behaviors and integrated systems that use multiple credential methods (such as a card reader and facial recognition), automated weapons screening, and package X-ray screening to allow entry to a high security area via an automated portal.

Although there is an increasing focus on Hi-Tech systems in Security Programs, they should be the last element considered. Lo-Tech and No-Tech elements form the basis for an effective Security Program and Hi-Tech elements amplify the capabilities of the Lo-Tech and No-Tech elements. No matter how elegant an Integrated Electronic Security System may be, they cannot substitute for a solid security program based upon physical (Lo Tech) and procedural (No Tech) countermeasures.

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