glycol contactor

After passing through the microfiber filter separator, the gas enters the glycol gas contactor near the bottom of the vessel.

The inside of the contactor contains either packing of several trays with weirs that maintain a specific level of glycol so that the gas must bubble through the glycol as the gas flows up.

Bubble cap trays.

As the wet gas passes upward through each succeeding tray, it gives up the water vapor to the glycol and becomes progressively drier.

Before leaving the contactor the gas passes through a mist extractor to remove glycol that may be trying to leave the gas.

Dry gas exits the contactor at the top and passes through an external glycol gas heat exchanger where it cools the incoming dry glycol to increase its
absorption capacity.

External glycol gas heat exchanger.

Some installations incorporate a glycol knockout drum (centrifugal separator) which recovers any glycol that has escaped with the gas through the mist extractor.

Centrifugal separator used to recover escaping
glycol with gas.

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