false ceiling glass design

Usually transparent glass is not used as ceiling as it contradicts the very idea of  false ceiling- to hide from viewer’s eye

Thus glass used in ceiling are treatment glass such as frost glass, back painted , stained glass , mirror etc.

  • Advantages:-
  • Creates the illusion of depth, it makes the room visually higher.
  • Resist moisture and temperature fluctuations .
  • Suspended glass ceiling with stained-glass panels can be decorated with the image , ink jet or sticker on the top of transparent glass.
  • Disadvantages:-
  • Hard and brittle to cut .
  • Suspended glass ceilings are quite heavy compared to other ceiling materials
  • Most dangerous if glass tile breaks during work
  • Not advisable in earthquake prone areas . Its not easy to maintain

Method of fixing the glass ceiling :

  • Step 1:- Fixing the framework directly to the beams or plaster ceiling.
  • Step 2:- Fixing suspended framework to a plastered ceiling.
  • Step 3:- Fixing vertical struts to support
  • Step 4:- Fix a play on that frame structure.


  • To get a natural lights all day.
  • In some country to get a heat of sun light glass ceiling also helpful  

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