Door Entry Phones System

Door Entry Phones System provide a method of securing a premise and allows the occupants to manually control access to the building for visitors once their identity has been checked.

An Door Entry Phones System offers either audio or audio and video, the advantage of video being the operator can visually confirm the identity of the person requesting access to the building

The entry panel that the person requesting access to the building uses can be surface or recessed mounted.

Entry panels can also be supplied with multiple buttons (to call different handsets), keypads (for manual code entry). and space for access control readers to be mounted

Within the premises will be installed one or more handsets which are used to communicate with the visitor before allowing them access to the building. These handsets are supplied as wall or desk mounted.

Once a call has been initiated by the visitor  pressing the call button on the entry panel, the operator lifts the handset and communicates with the person. Once the operator is satisfied the visitor is to be granted access to the building, the operator will press a door release button found on the handset

When pressed the door release button will release the doors lock and thereby allow the visitor access to the building.

The manufacturer of the entry phone will determine the cabling requirements. When designing an entry phone system it is important to understand what the manufacturer recommends in the way of cabling type as well as the number of cores required to ensure the entry phone operates correctly.

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